Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dear Hacker

(That's right - I'm doing two-a-days this weekend to make up for my work-related blogful neglet).

As many of you may have already discovered, my email was hacked this week.

Majorly hacked - as in email everyone I know, delete every message in my account and set up a false account in my name. If you've never experienced this firsthand, trust me when I say: it was infuriating.

Actually, don't trust me - listen to this auditory journey through the land of the recently hacked. And just a PSA: friends don't let friends wire money to London. No matter what.

INTRO: Lauren Peterson never saw herself as a victim - until someone broke into her email account. In the days that followed, Lauren struggled to come to grips with the tragedy and find the upside of light identity theft.

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