Here are some of my favorite places to hear fabulous audio & the fabulous people who make it:

Third Coast Audio Festival Library

This American Life

Snap Judgment

The Moth


The Next Big Thing (sadly no longer on the air, but you can still find LOTS of episodes)

Big Shed Audio


Latino USA

Studio 360

Story Corps

Hearing Voices

The Kitchen Sisters

Roman Mars

Katie Mingle

And finally, in random order, here are links to some of my all-time favorite pieces:

(Okay, I said in random order, but this is actually my favorite favorite) Thirteen Ways by Pejk Malinovski

The last act in this show is the famous Babies Buying Babies by Elna Baker

Sarah Vowell tells the greatest love story of all time

David Sedaris and Ira Glass take a tour through the streets of Paris

Matthew Power's recollections of his relationship with Allen Ginsberg

Hilarious piece by Jonathan Goldstein and others

Katie Davis' The Ratman Cometh

And super-finally, I have decided to list some blogs I like, because really they inspire me too, even if they're not made of radio.

Hyperbole and a Half - I agree with absolutely everything she says except for her stance on cake vs. pie. I just can't get behind that.
27b/6 - I have spent a great deal of time laughing out loud while reading this blog. Then I showed it to my dad and watched him laugh out loud while reading it. This provided more sustained entertainment than watching another person's silent reading really ought to.