Be a sharer!

I was in this class a few semesters ago and Simone Schweber came in for a guest lecture. Before we did anything else, she asked us to raise our hands if we were usually Listeners in class discussions - we mostly observed, and participated sparingly. I did not raise my hand. Then she asked us to raise our hands if we were usually Sharers - basically me and everything I stand for. I raised my hand. Professor Schweber then divided us into small groups and suggested the Sharers try to be Listeners and the Listeners try to be Sharers. I thought that was pretty cool.

The point is, I can be your Listener even though I may ordinarily exhibit a very slight tendency toward Sharer. It's a 12-Step program, and steps 1-11 involve you contacting me. Step 12 is "Try not to talk when you don't actually have anything to say." That one's for me. Like I said, I'm working on it.

SO! I want to hear from you! Love the blog? Hate the blog? Have an idea for a story? Something I should be listening to? Lay it on me.