Is it just me, or are my friends total rock stars? Judge for yourself...

She's a trail-blazer on the blogging front, so everyone should probably check out Paloma's hilariously snarky blog about the always-exhausting life of a young starlet.

This is my friend Ali. She's a black belt in karate. And she loves respecting women. Enough said.

Lindsay Loo is such an overachiever that she has TWO blogs. This one is about delicious food and it must be said that I frequently have drool-control issues while reading it. She gets paid to write her other blog because she is an ace arts reporter.

Ever wish you were a force of nature-type living as a very awesome global vagabond? Well, Brittany is basically living the dream. She blogs about everything from puppies to Asian toilets, and I may or may not be traveling the world vicariously through her.

Jessica made me nervous in sixth grade English because I was afraid she was the best writer in the class. More than a decade later, her blog is full of compassionate, funny, honest stories that do little to allay my suspicions. But I'm okay with that because I'm less of a competitive snot than I used to be.

And finally, while I realize it's not nice to play favorites, Natalie's blog absolutely has the best title and I have a special celebratory dance that I reserve for new posting on The Pithy Python. As a kid, the scolding I received most frequently was "Put DOWN the BOOK," so really, is it any wonder that I'm obsessed with a blog written by an elementary school librarian? Bonus points: this particular librarian happens to be one of my all-time favorite people in the world. Whoops - I just did it again.