Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Elementary Education

My friend Simone gets the weirdest spelling words.

Seriously - week after week, her third grade class is required to define and memorize some of the most bizarre words in the English language. While Simone and I are unclear as to exactly where these words come from, we've abandoned our search for practicality among her vocabulary lists. Instead, we celebrate their innovative fusion of Little House on the Prairie lexicon and select terms from the Watergate Tapes.

I didn't realize how badly I've needed a few minutes of unadulterated silliness until tonight's Spelling Words Extravaganza. Hence, my most recent piece. In the spirit of awkward juxtapositions so heartily embraced by the makers of Simone's English worksheets, I was inspired by my favorite audio piece of all time and the brief, eclectic style of the Third Coast International Audio Festival ShortDocs.

INTRO: For some, education is a global debate involving scholarly theories and reform strategies; for others, it's something a little more...elementary. On a recent Tuesday evening, Lauren Peterson and eight year old Simone A-K attempted to master such third grade vocabulary staples as "beachcomber" and "scratch test."

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  1. Fabulous! But please do not besmirch the spotless reputations of beachcombers and pinch hitters!